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Delta200 Overwrap Machine

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Delta 200 DVD CD Wrapper
One machine wraps all CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, Video Games, Perfume, Cosmetics, Candy
and much more up to 8.5" wide!
Now you can overwrap small quantities fast, and inexpensively with the Delta 200. Want to start a new business with a small investment? The Delta200 universal wrapper will professionally overwrap any case or box fast for a commercial high quality store bought look.

No need to have a second overwrapping machine for another size or type of case!

When finished with one size case, quickly and easily change the roll of film and get started with the next case or box!

The Delta200 heat seal overwrapping machine is made for Xbox, PS3 PlayStation, Nintendo, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Software cases. Also wraps cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, jewellery, pharmaceutical and even tea boxes! Packaging film comes in rolls, not sheets and costs .01 cent per wrap! You can wrap 200 cases per hour and now easier with the new optional side fold sealer. Three models available up to 20" wrap width! Delta200 Delta200w Delta200xw. Call 1-866-357-4321 for more information.

For semi automated wrapping of CD and DVD cases only click see the new Delta300

Delta200 Specifications:

Throughput: Up to 200 p/hr
Packaging film cutting: Automatic
Wrapping material: Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)
Wrapping material thickness: 20-30 micron
Maximum roll diameter: 12 (larger with Delta200w and xw)
Dimensions: length: 21, width: 12, height: 8
Weight: net 9kg (19.8 pounds), gross: 12kg ( 26.4 pounds)
Voltage: 110 or 220. Please specify
Media handling: any CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and Video game case, up to 200 pcs/hour - (Depending upon manual dexterity)
Film Cost: Uses film in a roll, about 0.1 cent to wrap one case, comparing to 0.03 cents per case with the pre-cut sheets. 


Overwrap even faster, with the NEW Delta Side Fold Sealer.
Call Now 1-866-357-4321

Delta200ss side sealer   Delta200ss side sealer

The Delta Side Fold Sealer will professionally fold and seal the sides of any case or box fast for that commercial store bought look!

The side-sealer works with the Delta200, Delta200w and the Delta200xw heat seal overwrapping machines and is made for Xbox, PS3 PlayStation, Nintendo, CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray. Also custom sizes available for software, cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, jewellery, pharmaceutical and tea boxes!

Demo Video of DVD case using the Side Fold Sealer

Delta 200 OverWrapDelta 200 OverWrap

Don't forget to order your poly overwrap. We have lowest prices for all size cases and boxes! We can also custom cut and roll to any size you need for perfumes cosmetics, candy, tea! Our rolls will wrap approximately 5,000 cases for all optical disc media, including:
CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo DS.
Bright and Sparkling Clear Cellophane Heat Seal Overwrap only from Solstice!

To See Delta200 YouTube playlist click here

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Warranty - one year for parts and labor
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