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Hardware Duplication Solutions

ImageMASSter 4004i

The Image MASSter 4004 is fast reliable multiple drives duplicator with a variety of copy, sanitizing and formatting options The ImageMASSter 4004i product provides the tools necessary to mass duplicate today’s P-ATA and S-ATA drives for high volume drive deployments. Duplicate to 4 drives simultaneously at speeds greater than 2GB/min. Multiple Copy Modes are available to support the standard Windows Operating Systems and non-Windows Operating Systems. Partitions are automatically scaled and formatted during the copy process, eliminating the need to manually prepare a drive prior to usage. The IM 4004i unit also comes equipped with the Wipeout option that provides a quick method for erasing data from hard drives.
High Speed Operation: Data transfer rates can exceed 2GB/min.
Copy to Multiple Drives Simultaneously: Transfer data at High Speeds to up to 4 target drives simultaneously.
Multiple Media Support: Supports data transfer between P-ATA and S-ATA hard disk drives.  Notebook drives and ATA compatible Flash devices are supported using ICS proprietary adapters.
Multiple Copy Methods: Copy data in a sector-by-sector method, which supports copying any O/S and file system.  Copy only allocated data using the ICS proprietary intelligent copy method known as “IQCOPY”, which supports Windows FAT-16, FAT-32 and NTFS file systems.
Partitions and Formats Drives: Target drives are automatically partitioned and formatted during the copy process, eliminating the need to manually prepare a drive prior to usage.
Copy between Different Drive Models and Sizes: Simultaneously copy data between different drive models and capacities.  Partitions will automatically be scaled to the size of the target drive.
48-Bit Support:  Provides 48-bit drive support to handle drives larger than 137GB.
WipeOut:  Sanitize up to 5 drives simultaneously at speeds greater than 3GB/min.
Multiple User Defined Settings: This feature allows authorized users to store multiple user defined unit settings.
Password Protected Settings: This feature protects the unit’s user defined settings from being changed by un-authorized users.
Log Information: Detail operational event log information can be viewed or saved to Compact Flash.
eSATA: Supports eSATA drives with proper 3rd party SATA-to-eSATA data cable
IQCOPY: IQCOPY provides a fast method of duplicating Windows 95/98/2000/XP configured drives. The file system is analyzed and only the allocated drive space is copied.  Allows mixing different size drives in the same software load.  Creates a fully operational copy of a Windows based load in under a minute.  Supports FAT and NTFS systems. 
Auto Scale and Format Partitions: Automatically scales and formats partitions to the size of the target drive using the IQCOPY mode of operation.
Image Copy: Transfers data in a sector by sector copy method to produce an exact image of the source drive.  All allocated and unallocated drive space is copied.  Supports all Operating Systems and File Systems.
WipeOut DoD: This function is designed to erase all data on disk drives.  Sanitize up to 5 drives simultaneously at speeds greater than 3GB/min. 
WipeOut Fast Option: The Wipeout Fast option provides a quick non-DoD method of sanitizing drives of all previously stored data. 
Block Map Copy: Provides the user with the ability to select up to 10 ranges of sectors to be copied from the source drive to the target drive(s).  This function implements a sector-by-sector copy method.
Store Log and Database Information: The unit provides functions to display and store real time event information in a log and database format.
Error Detection and Verification: Provides automatic real-time CRC-16 error detection and correction.
Manage User Defined Settings: This built in feature allows authorized users to store multiple user defined unit settings.
Software options:  

MultiMASSter: The MultiMASSter option provides the user with the ability to store multiple “software loads” to a single drive.  The user can then select and copy individual “software loads” from the MultiMASSter drive.  Depending on drive space, up to 24 loads can be stored on a single MultiMASSter drive. 
Host Protected Area (HPA) Option: HPA is defined as a reserved area for data storage outside the normal operating file system.  This area is hidden from the operating system and file system and is normally used for specialized applications.  Systems may wish to store configuration data or save memory to the hard disk drive device in a location that the operating systems cannot change.  If an HPA area exists on a source drive, the IM4000i copy operation will configure the target drives with a similar HPA area.
Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) Option: DCO allows systems to modify the apparent features provided by a hard disk drive device.  DCO provides a set of commands that allows a utility or program to modify some of the modes, commands and feature sets supported by the hard disk drive.  DCO can be used to hide and protect a portion of the drive’s area from the operating system and file system.  If DCO is detected on the source drive, the IM4000i copy operation will configure the target drives with similar DCO settings.
Format FAT32 Option: The FORMAT FAT32 Option provides the capability of performing a quick FAT32 format on multiple drives.   The operation creates a non-active FAT32 primary DOS partition on the drive(s) connected.

Hardware options:  
Serial-ATA Adapters: Single Channel and Multi-Channel S-ATA adapters are available to support copying S-ATA drives.  The 3 Channel S-ATA adapters will covert all ports of the IM4000i for S-ATA usage.  The Single Channel S-ATA adapters allow copying between P-ATA and S-ATA drives.
Notebook Adapters: ICS proprietary Notebook Adapters enables the IM4002i to support a variety of Notebook models that use a proprietary Notebook drive interface.  Adapters available include adapters for the IBM Think-Pad, Compaq Armada, NEC Versa, Dell Latitude, and Toshiba Tecra.  The ICS Standard 2.5” adapter supports all Notebook drives which do not have a proprietary interface or have been removed from their proprietary enclosures.  An ICS proprietary adapter is also available for the 1.8” ATA drive interface.
CF Adapter: The Flash adapter was designed to support 50-pin micro-drive devices.
Drive Cooler Solution: Reduces the heat generated by the hard drives and maintain a comfortable operating temperature.

Supply Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz Universal Auto switching input voltage
Power Consumption: 200W
Operating Temperature: 5°–55° C
Relative Humidity: 20%–60% non-condensing
Net Weight: 9.5lbs without drive
Dimensions of Unit: 13.3" x 12.1" x 4.4”


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