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Hard Drive Duplication Solutions

ImageMASSter 6007SAS

The Image MASSter 6007SAS is fast reliable multiple drive duplicator with a variety of copy, sanitizing and formatting options. The ImageMASSter 6007SAS is the only hard drive duplication unit in the market that supports SAS (Serial Attach SCSI) hard drives. It copies simultaneously at very high speed from SATA/SAS/SCSI*/IDE** hard drives to any 7 SAS/SATA/IDE** target hard drives.
The ImageMASSter 6007SAS is a Windows based machine with one Giga-Bit Network connection, which allows downloading or uploading files to or from drives using network drive.

The elaborate software allows multiple copy modes – Image Copy (sector by sector), IQ Copy and Multi MASSter (storing multiple images on one hard drive). The user can sanitize the hard drives either with one pass or to DoD specs. Slow hard drives can be filtered out in order to avoid slowing down the process, among other features. The unit is ideal tool for Server Migration from SCSI to SAS/SATA, and very efficient with data transfer and SCSI migration

* Requires SCSI optional hardware.

** Requires SAS to IDE converter.


High Speed Copy Operation: Data transfer rate exceeds 3.7GB/min.
SAS and SATA duplicator: Mix any combination of SAS/SATA/IDE* hard drives in the master position and SAS/SATA/IDE* in the target position.
SCSI Duplicator: Copy SCSI** hard drives to any mix of SAS/SATA hard drives in target positions.
Server Migration: Ideal tool for server migration from SCSI** to SAS/SATA.
All Operating Systems can be copied: Copy any operating system such as Windows, Macintosh and UNIX file system.
Multiple Copy Modes: Image Copy (sector by sector), IQ Copy™  (data only***) and Multi MASSter (storing multiple images on one hard drive).
Supports Any File System: Supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file systems.
Network Connectivity: 1Gbit Network connection allows downloading or uploading files to or from drives using network drive.
WipeOut:  Sanitize hard drives and erase data on up to 8 drives simultaneously at speeds greater than 3.7GB/min, either by single pass or DoD Mode.
Mount and Modify Drives: User can mount logical volumes with Windows recognized file systems  to modify the drive prior to duplication.
Hot Swap Drives: Hard drives can be removed or connected while the system is on (hot swap).
Scale Partitions: Scale partitions using different size and model drives in the same load, using the IQ Copy™  mode
Windows based: Graphical Windows XP based interface.

* Requires SAS to IDE optional hardware
** Requires SCSI optional hardware
*** Supports FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS files system.

IQCOPY: IQCOPY provides a fast method of duplicating Windows 95/98/2000/XP configured drives. The file system is analyzed and only the allocated drive space is copied.  Allows mixing different size drives in the same software load.  Creates a fully operational copy of a Windows based load in under a minute.  Supports FAT and NTFS systems. 
Auto Scale and Format Partitions: Automatically scales and formats partitions to the size of the target drive using the IQCOPY mode of operation.
Image Copy: Transfers data in a sector by sector copy method to produce an exact image of the source drive.  All allocated and unallocated drive space is copied.  Supports all Operating Systems and File Systems.
WipeOut DoD: This function is designed to erase all data on disk drives.  Sanitize up to 5 drives simultaneously at speeds greater than 3GB/min. 
WipeOut Fast Option: The Wipeout Fast option provides a quick non-DoD method of sanitizing drives of all previously stored data. 
Block Map Copy: Provides the user with the ability to select up to 10 ranges of sectors to be copied from the source drive to the target drive(s).  This function implements a sector-by-sector copy method.
Store Log and Database Information: The unit provides functions to display and store real time event information in a log and database format.
Error Detection and Verification: Provides automatic real-time CRC-16 error detection and correction.
Manage User Defined Settings: This built in feature allows authorized users to store multiple user defined unit settings.
Hardware options:  
SCSI Option: Allows you to place SCSI hard drive in the master position in order to copy it to SAS, SATA or IDE hard drives in the target position.
IDE Adapter: Allows you to convert 4 hard drives from SAS to IDE interface and use IDE hard drives with the IM 6007SAS.

Supply Voltage: 100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 125W without drives
Operating Temperature: 5 degrees - 55 degrees C
Relative Humidity: 20% - 60% non-condensing
Net Weight: 40 lbs
Overall Dimensions: 21” x 16.75” x 6.75”
Power Supply:UL and PSU Certified and Universal Auto-Switching input voltage


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