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The Difference Between Over-wrapping and Shrink-wrapping



  • Neatly wrapped "folded" package appearance
  • Professional - store bought quality
  • Factory manufactured appearance
  • Inexpensive polypropylene film
  • No wastage, film cut exactly to size
  • Rough edges and seams
  • Unprofessional appearance
  • Looks homemade
  • Expensive polyethylene film
  • Excess wastage of film
If you want your DVD CD Blu-Ray cases to be neat & have a high end appeal, look at overwrapping not shrinkwrapping!

If you're distributing DVDs, Music CD's, movies on Blu-Ray you will have no doubt considered how best to package your discs. Choosing an effective packaging solution for your work has a number of benefits including protecting the product from accidental damage, ensuring that that product is intact and has not been tampered with and providing a professional appearance for your finished work which you can then charge a premium for.

Shrink Wrap V Overwrap

There are two solutions for wrapping DVD CD BD  cases:  Shrink wrapping and Overwrapping.

Shrink Wrapping
Neat professional finish
Rough messy edges
Inexpensive polypropylene film
Expensive polyethylene film
No wastage, film cut exactly to size
Excess wastage of film

Shrink wrap uses polyethylene film which is fitted around the DVD case loosely, crimp-sealed around the edges with the excess cut off. The polyethylene film then shrunk 20% in a heat tunnel to fit the package, which can cause the case to warp.

In contrast, with overwrapping there is no excess film and the tuck and fold of the film is neat to the package. Heat is used for spot welding of the seams. Overwrapping uses polypropylene film which is less expensive pound for pound than polyethylene of the same gauge. Because polypropylene film is crisper, you can fold it like paper and achieve that high-end parcel wrapped look.

Overwrap is an excellent choice for packages that will end up on a retail shelf like perfume boxes. While shrink wrapping cases leaves rough edges and looks unprofessional - even home-made, overwrapping provides a classic gift wrap appearance for that “store-bought” look. It is the professionally finished look of an overwrapped cosmetic case which customers find more attractive than the shrink wrapped alternative and for which they are willing to pay a premium.

Over Wrapping Solutions

There are many manual, semi-automatic and full automatic overwrapping machines available on the market, some are labor intensive and if your requirement for wrapping disc cases exceeds a few hundred pieces, it is neither practical nor efficient to wrap them individually.

There are also specialized machines that apply neat, cellophane wrappings to large quantities of case and boxes for mass broadcasting and production companies.

Fortunately, Solstice has all the solutions for overwrapping cases to a professional standard, to meet all budgets.

Silo JT50
Silo TS2002
Silo TS3000
Silo MD350
EZ Overwrapper

CDC200 Speedwrapper
CDC100 VS4000
Studio Wrapper

The CDC200 SpeedWrapper is a fully automated, tabletop overwrapping system designed to provide a high speed and high throughput professional wrapping for DVDs case with a low investment and low running costs. 

Capable of over wrapping up to 1200 cases per hour the SpeedWrapper delivers improved efficiencies by enabling operators to switch between CD jewel cases and DVD cases which should take no more than 20 minutes, a fraction of the time required by some of the larger, wrapping machines where downtime is considerably longer. Formats such as Blu-ray and game console cases are also catered for with additional conversion kits.

The CDC100 VS4000 is a semi-automated overwrapping solution, capable of wrapping up to 200 DVD cases every hour. A pre-cut sheet of polypropylene wrapping material is placed on the manual platform. The DVD case is simply placed on the pre-cut sheet and the operator closes the cover, which tensions the wrapping and makes the first heat-seal. The case is then placed into the hopper for the second fold and seal operation, which is fully automatic.

Overwrapping has a large amount of relevance in today’s DVD market. Whether it is selected from a cost reduction, enhanced security or enhanced product appeal point of view, overwrapping offers tremendous benefits to the packaging of DVDs.

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