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Rimage Auto Printers

AutoEverest II and AutoPrism

The Everest II and the PrismPlus! are both available as AutoPrinters. In the AutoPrinter configuration, each printer is mounted on Rimage Producer series robotics - providing extremely fast and reliable operation. For ease of access to the bins and for ease of access to the printer, AutoPrinters are configured without covers or cabinets.

Both AutoPrinters come with a copy of CD Designer:
CD designer is an easy-to-use application providing the ability to create, import and customize the graphics that will be printed on the CD or DVD surface. CD Designer enables easy adding of background colors, additions of custom text, photos, mail-merge data and even bar codes by clicking and dragging within the simple CD Designer user interface.

  • Add graphics, text, objects, and photos from almost any source
  • Create your own templates for changeable discs with a consistent look
  • Allows up to 99 variable merge fields per label
  • Supports incremental serialization of discs
Supports 22 main types of bar codes including two UPC variants and the four regional codes of the Australian mail system - this is powerful software!

AutoPrinters come equipped with a 400-bin carousel. This carousel has a 300 disc input capacity with the remaining bin used for output. When the first input bin is empty it becomes the second output bin, and so on. In this manner, an AutoPrinter can print up to 300 discs without a single operator intervention.

AutoPrinters come with Rimage's state of the art Producer series robotics. These robotics are driven by a closed loop servo motor system and a reinforced, toothed belt. The picker rides on roller bearings and slide rails and takes only 2 seconds per movement. The picker is steel and will pick from a plane of 85 - 95.

Both AutoPrinters come with CD Designer, software to create the artwork for your discs and to drive the printer. CD Designer has a complete set of file import capabilities, text creation capabilities, object creation tools, bar code generation and more.

For optimum throughput, ease of use, and support that is tops in the industry - Rimage AutoPrinters are the clear choice.

Models: AutoEverest II
AutoEverest II Throughput:  Normal mode - 60 per hour.  Best mode - 46 per hour
AutoPrismPlus! Throughput:
300 x 300 dpi - full coverage - 167 half coverage - 240
300 x 600 dpi - full coverage - 164 half coverage - 240
System Requirements:
Pentium or greater with minimum 64MB RAM
Windows XP requires 128MB RAM
Prism - Parallel for printer, serial included for firmware updates
Everest II - USB for printer, serial included for firmware updates
Power:  100 - 240 VAC, 4.7 A/3.7 A, 60/50 Hz
Operating Temperature:  60 F to 86F (15.5C to 30C)
Relative Humidity:  30% to 80% non-condensing
Emissions: FCC Class B, EN 55022 Class B
Susceptibility: EN55024Safety: EN 60950, UL1950, c-UL1950
Conformance Marks: UL, cUL, CE
Height 22" Width 15.1" Depth 21.2" (includes carousel but not printer) (55.9 cm x 38.4 cm x 53.8 cm)
Weight 35.8 lbs (16.2 kg)
Printer throughput specifications disclaimer: Printer throughput specifications will always have a few disclaimers. Here's ours :

1. Printer throughput is dependent on the size of the files you are trying to print. If the files are so large that the driving computer can not get them processed as fast as the printer will print then file or image processing becomes the bottleneck and the printer throughput will not match the numbers below.
2. If the driving computer is slow, or overburdened, or lacks sufficient free disc space then even if the files to be printed are not overly large, the computer will not be able to process and ship the files as fast as the printer can print them and the throughput will not match the numbers below.

Warranty: One year limited depot
Service options: Various Rimage Service Programs are available.
Contact your local Rimage Service Representative for details.
300 Disc AutoPrinter with Prism 300 Disc AutoPrinter with Prism.
Someone with good math skills and attention to detail is bound to ask this question - so here is the question and the answer :

"If the Everest II printer prints an image in one minute (normal mode) and if it then takes several seconds to place a printed disc in the carousel, several seconds to pick up a blank disc, and several seconds to place it on the printer tray for the next image - how can the AutoEverest II system print 60 discs per hour?"

Good question! As discussed on the Everest II page, the printer prints the disc image to a clear retransfer ribbon and then in the next step uses heat and pressure to bond that image to the disc. In the AutoPrinter mode, as soon as one disc is finished and the tray comes out, the Everest II begins to print the next image to the retransfer ribbon. So, while the robotics are moving things around the printer is working on the next image - in effect - overlapping tasks to increase system throughput. Thanks for asking!


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