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NEW! Silo TS3000 Overwrapping Machine
Cosmetics, Perfume and small Pharmaceuticals

The TS 3000  is a state-of-art fully automated high speed overwrapping machine for Cosmetics, Perfume and small Pharmaceuticals and more! Increase your production significantly with this 40 case per minute heat seal overwrapper. The TS3000 High Speed Wrapping Machine also professionally wraps Jewel Cases, Amaray Cases, Slim Line Cases, Video Game packs, Bundles, Video and Audio Cassettes, and more!

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Auto Jam Stop - whenever there is a jam in the wrapping area of the machine, a sensor will stop the machine in order to prevent from damaging the product.

Speed Control - it is equipped with a Mitsubishi Inverter.  The max speed is up to 40pcs per minute.

Indicator system - the width of the wrapping tunnel and film length is governed by the meter.  This makes change-over simply by turn the meter higher or lower.

Remote Jog Control - this device makes calibration easy.  You can control the machine to go forward/backward or faster/slower by pressing the button.




Two ways to change from one product to another product:
1) Simply input the product "HEIGHT" and "LENGTH", the computer will calculate the best settings for you.

2) If you know the settings for the product, simply input the data directly into the computer.

3) Once the settings are correct, the computer can save the data into its memory. The data can be recalled whenever it is needed.

Options:BC300 - Box collection table
Conveyor feeding system 
Shrink tunnel
Acrylic safety door panels
Sensor for printed film with I-mark

Specifications:Machine Dimension : 1350 x 1040 x 1640mm
Power : 110VAC Single Phase 2500W
Motor : 2Hp
Speed : Adjustable with Max 50pcs/min.

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