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USED DVD CD Blu-Ray Video Game and small package Over wrappers and Packaging Machines



For Immediate Sale:

Silo TS2002 Automated DVD Overwrapper. In Florida. Very good running condition.

TS2002 Automated DVD CD BD Overwrapper Click here for more information


EAM Pac Plus

Manufacturer : EAM
Model : DVD Case Packing Machine
Age : Unknown:
Price : $ Call
Country : USA

 This machine automatically inserts the Title Sheet, Disc and Booklet (or menu card) . This semi-automated system, allows one operator to keep multiple DVD PAC Plus units loaded with empty cases and even tend to other packaging functions.  This system can also be configured to handle Blu-Ray.


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2006 Gima 899  available in California. Unbelievable price!  SOLD!

GM8990000MB Packaging Machine Md. DVD899
GM899002004 Security Tag Applicator
GM899003004 Second Disc Inserting Unit with spindle loading and unlading carousel 10 spindle
GM899002003 Q-Card Inserting Unit from Conveyor                      (on top of the discs)
GM899004010 Outfeed Conveyor with 90 degree Rotation
GM8A30000MB Overwrapping Machine Mod. SW8A3 Smartwrap
GMCBD001075 Conveyor Belt    L=1075mm
GM8A3003003 Stacking and collecting table
Spare Parts Kit spare parts kit




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