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CD and DVD Duplicators
      Baxter - CD/DVD Duplicator with Batch MP3 & WMA Ripping
      CopyPro A1000 Duplicator
      CopyPro A200 Duplicator
      CopyPro A600 Duplicator
      Fusion 252PC - TCP/IP Networking 250 disk capacity
      Fusion 452 PC - TCP/IP Networking 4 -52x CDr Writers
      Fusion 2DVD PC - TCP/IP Network Ready 2-16x Dual Layer DVD Writers
      High Speed Commercial Duplicators
      MF Digital's CD/DVD Duplicators & Copier Modules
      MF Digital 5906 ED Modular DVD CD Copier
      Microboard CopyWriter Rackmount - 8x DVD or 52X CD 
      Microboard Multi-drive DVD-R/CD-R Duplicator
      Micro Orbit - 50-disc Batch-Load Duplicator - 52X CDR ProDRIVES or 16x DVD-+R/32x CDR drives
      PC & Mac Controlled DVD CD Autoloading Duplicators
      Plextor Internal Drives
      R-Quest - Standalone - 52x CD-R/RW - Also available: 16x/48x DVD/CD
      Scribe 3000 Series - Standalone Automated Desktop Duplicator
      Scribe 9000 Series PC Based KVM - CD / DVD Duplicators & In-Line Print System
      Solstice 16x DVD/CD Dual Layer Manual Load Tower Duplicators
      SolsticePro - Professional 16x/48x Dual Layer DVD/CD Tower Duplicators
      Spartan PLUS Duplication System
      Spartan SATA 20x Tower Duplicators
      TCA-9200 - 52x CD - 16x/32x DVD-+R/CD
      TCA-9600 - 52x CD - 16x/32x DVD-+R/CD
      TCA-9650 - 52x CD - 16x/32x DVD-+R/CD
      TCP-7200 - 18x Dual Layer DVD-+R and CD
      TCP-7400 - 18x Dual Layer DVD-+R and CD
      TCP-7550 - 18x Dual Layer DVD-+R and CD
      Ultra High Speed Duplicators



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