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CopyWriter Live


Copywriter Live Event Recorder

Let CopyWriter Live bring digital quality audio to your church, school, studio, or boardroom! The CopyWriter Live combines the flexibility of cassette tapes with the quality and longevity of CDs, in one low-cost, easy to use unit.

You can record from practically any audio source, including live feed from a microphone, a cassette deck, a mixer, and many others. Make a high quality CD on the first try, every time, or make backup copies of audio or data for long-term storage. You can even span from disc to disc to record non-stop for hours on end.

Copy Writer Live is the only direct-to-disc audio recorder that features the ability to continually record by seamlessly utilizing the second recorder as the first recorder becomes full.


  • Standalone 20X CD Duplication with automatic format detection

  • Record and Pause to create multiple tracks for playback

  • Black set-top configuration with 2U Rackmount kit included

  • Audio CDs created play back in virtually any CD player

  • Supported duplication formats include CD Rom Mode 1&2, CD-DA (Red Book), CD-ROM/XA, Mixed Mode, Multi-Session, HFS CD Bridge, CD Extra, Video CD

  • Input Level Control & Monitoring

  • Balanced Mic Input No Phantom Supply

Models:  Standalone and rack mount units available.


  • Two 20X CD-R/RW Drives

  • LCD System Display

  • 2 Pairs of RCA Inputs (1 rear/1front)

  • One Pair of RCA Outputs (Rear)

  • One 1/4 Inch Microphone Input (Front)

  • One Pair of XLR (Balanced) inputs (Rear)

  • Headphone monitoring jack - 1/4 Inch

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
Power Supply: AC 90V-264V
Dimensions: 11.5D x 16.5W x 4.25H
Weight: 12.25 Lbs
Other Information:
dB Channel Separation: 70dB recording 1 kHz
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20 kHz +/- 1dB
Input Sensitivities or Range of Sensitivities at Min/Max Record Levels: RCA 8.9dB to -45.3dB; XLR 5.7dB to -45.3dB
Headphone Jack: Stereo
AC Power Consumption in Watts: 80 Watts

Product specification sheet: Click here.
Warranty: 1 year.
Copywriter Live Firmware 1.10 Update adds new features!

Microboards is pleased to announce that 2 new features have been added to the Copywriter Live. These features, Track Extraction and Auto Track Indexing, are available with the release of firmware Version 1.10.

Track Extraction allows you to select only the tracks you want and burn those tracks to another disc, much like many of our other products. This allows you to edit out unwanted tracks, rearrange the order of your tracks, and even combine tracks from multiple masters on a single new master!

Auto Track Indexing gives you the ability of automatically adding track indexes based on specified time intervals. Track markers can be automatically placed at 3, 5, 7, or 10 minute intervals onto your master during live recording. The track interval can even be changed during a pause in recording! Manual track markers can still be added at any point during recording, with the next track length being determined by the interval selected.


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