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iRippit X50 IS DISCONTINUED. Please click here for an alternative Autoprinter

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iRippit CD DVD Duplicator

The iRippit duplicator is the World’s easiest, most cost effective way of duplicating CDs or DVDs.

The iRippit duplicator is ideal for producing 50 discs at a time or as little as one. iRippit utilizes a patented technology that allows discs to be copied, tested and confirmed as complete or defective.

What does the iRippit™ do?

  • Burns CDs or DVDs
  • Unattended automatic 50 disc burning capability
  • Windows XP / VISTA compatible
  • Includes publishing software and label applicator
  • Interfaces with USB 2.0 and greater
  • Universal power adapter (for use anywhere in the world)
  • All instructions and packaging in multiple languages
  • Batch and Erase format function. Reuse your media!
  • Has all necessary country certifications including UL, CE, FCC, no Pb, Weee, RoHS

How does the iRippit™ work

iRippit’s patented robotic arm picks a blank disc from the input bin.
The disc is placed into the SONY™ CD/DVD burner.
Your project's files are copied and burned onto the disc.
The robotic arm picks the disc from the Sony™ burner and places it into the reject bin or output bin.

Who needs the iRippit™

  • iRippit is a ‘must have’ for any enterprise size corporation in Government, Education, Health Care, Corporate Religious institutions and other vertical presentation marketing companies.
  • Any user that requires distribution of information either externally to clients, or internally to employees of their firm.
  • Any individual wishing to make copies of personal CDs or DVDs.

Why the iRippit™?

  • The best priced duplicator in its class.
  • Allows unattended duplication of up to 50 CDs or DVDs at a time, while  most units are 25 maximum in the same class.
  • Only duplicator with detection of non-completed or “bad burn” discs.
  • A green product fully designed and engineered in North America
  • The most economical product for archiving data on media

After you have made a CD or DVD you need to print a label on it. Ask about our DVD CD Printers or click here

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