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Intelligent 9 USB Duplicators  
Intelligent 9 USB DuplcationSystems
High-speed standalone Intelligent 9 USB duplicators not only support duplication of up to 120 USB targets with large capacities,  they also help users examine flash cards by providing the most accurate testing results known today.

With a user-friendly interface, the new Intelligent 9 duplicators can be operated standalone with no steep learning curve for users to climb. The New PC-Link now adds another layer of convenience for real time monitoring and controlling one or multiple systems. Now you can see the working progress and status of all ports at a glance. With real time monitoring, quality control checking  is no longer a chore because there are no buttions press over and over and log reports are seen in real time..

Their ergonomic design facilitates efficient operations by letting users easily insert and remove flash cards, and the 80%-reduced footprint compared with their peer in the market has led to better space utilization and freight savings.

There are seven Intelligent 9 duplicator models to meet all budgets and your high speed USB duplucation requirements:
10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, and 120 ports
  Intelligent 9 USB Duplicating Systems   Intelligent 9 USB Systems  
  Design for Ergonomic Operation   Quick Socket Swap Module  
Quick Data Copy
Quick data copy function will analysis the data and copies only the data portion, there by enhancing the copy efficiency.
Copy + Compare Function
It is strongly suggested to use Copy +Compare to achieve perfect duplication.   USB Intelligent 9 Duplicators
Superior Flash Quality Inspection Tool
The quality, capacity and speed checks are useful and reliable tools to inspect the quality of your Flash cards
  Professional H3/H5 Test completely shows the Flash cards quality.
This tool exams the entire Flash media bit-by-bit to show the reading and writing speed and bad sector quantity. This is a useful tool before you make a purchasing decision or to make quality inspection of the Flash cards before and after duplication.
  Solstice Intelligent 9 USB Duplicators
  Capacity check.
The capacity check can report the accurate capacity of Flash card.
  Measure speed.
The measure speed check can show the reading and writing speed of the Flash card.
Asynchronous Copy Technology
The asynchronous copy loads data to buffer memory automatically and allows each slot to duplicate data independently and continuously.
1.   High speed copy supports up to 1.5G/m per port.
2.   Ergonomic design for easy operation.
3.   Quick socket swap module.
4.   Apply new advanced Multi-Core processor.
5.   Complete standalone system, no computer required.
6.   Supports all format, data size and USB/memory card capacity bit for bit copy.
7.   Comply with USA Department of Defense (DoD) data security standard provides DoD Erase function.
8.   4 kinds of professional quality diagnostic tools for Flash module.
9.   " A2 Fake Picker" shows accurate capacity of USB/Memory card to get rid of low quality or fake flash media.
10.   "Speed Check" shows Reading and Writing speed of the Flash module within 8 seconds.
11.   "H3/H5 Media Check" shows the quantity of bad block though bit for bit examination.
12.   Quick data copy, copies only data contained areas.( Support FAT16/32, Linux ext2/ext3, NTFS)
13.   High-end log production report.(Only on Golden model)
14.   Burn-in test to realize the quality of flash.(Only on Golden model)
15.   2 second format, 3 models available for selection.
16.   Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous modes for Copy/Compare/ Erase/ Format function.
17.   Strict bit-by-bit hardware comparison further increases the reliability of duplication.
18.   User-friendly interface with real time information LCD display.
19.   Firmware upgrade available with well-experienced team support.
Model Intelligent 9 (Standard/Golden/Red)
Target SD/TF(MS) Maximum to 120 ports
Stand Alone
Support media
LED(Green/Red) on each slot
4 push buttons ( Forward, Backward, OK, Esc)
Language Support
English, Japanese, Chinese
0C ~ 75C
-20C ~ 85C
Power Supply
12V adaptor
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