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M6310 USB Duplicator
       MSRP $5,250.00 Please call for
current prices

The M6310 is a 10 slot professional USB Drive Duplicator and USB tester with a built in PC that tests and duplicates any USB storage device including high capacity USB hard drives. The M6310's unique architecture provides the highest copy speeds available for parallel duplication of USB mass storage devices.

M6300 series is available in 10, 20, and 40 slot configurations.

Supports  USB for Microsoft Replacement Recovery Media, creates multiple USB partitions that can be set to read only, read and write or as CD ROM!

 PDF Logo M6310 Brochure

The M6310 is a professional USB Drive Duplication and Test system that offers more than simple data duplication from a master drive. With an easy to use intuitive Software, quick and easy job set-up is possible.  The user simply selects from a list of predefined jobs and with one click is up and running. The M6310 also includes Smart Copy functions which copy only the used portions of a master USB drive to the target drives.  The Smart copy functions support a wide range of file systems including FAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT2, and EXT3. The M6310 also has a number of different verify functions including the most reliable “bit-by-bit” verification process.  For those users wishing faster throughout with less than complete coverage,  IMI’s “Quick Verify” function may also be employed.


The M6310 is the first USB duplicator worldwide to support multiple USB partitions that can be set to read only, read and write or as CD ROM. The ability to support these functions is directly tied to specific USB controller chips and IMI is actively working to add support for the most widely used USB controllers.

Testing the quality of the duplicated USB drives is a must for all serious USB content suppliers.  The M6310 provides image checksum, CRC, and MD5 checking, size checking, speed testing, standby current testing, and dynamic current testing.

Creation of a verifiable audit trail is also a must for duplication departments  wishing  a quality product.  Every job run on the M6310 is  logged in a SQL database that includes each duplicated USB drive serial number, Vendor ID, Product ID,  current test and speed test results.  The comprehensive M6310 log database allows every aspect of the production process to be recorded and manipulated with ease with the output results transferable to an Excel spreadsheet file format.

The M6310 has a built in PC with 160GB storage.  This allows USB drive master images to be easily saved and used at a later date without the need to keep a Master USB device. Additional storage can be added using an external HDD or network storage.  The M6310 is easily networked and comes with a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port.

Each M6310 USB device slot is individually controlled with each device being supplied up to 1.5A of current . This unique feature sets the M6310 apart from other systems on the market allowing the M6310 to duplicate and test  USB Hard drives, Mobile phones, PND's and PDA's without the need for external USB device power supplies. 

The M6310 may be completely controlled using the M6310 front panel LCD and four control keys.  Alternatively, the user may wish to use the  M6310 GUI ( Graphical User Interface) accessed with the optional 17" VGA LCD, PC keyboard, and mouse.  The M6310 GUI allows user to  easily create and edit M6310 duplication and tests scripts.  Management of master image files and customer specific scripts are also easily done with the M6310 GUI.



The M6310 Key Features:

- Stand Alone Operation or Full Featured Linux PC interface
- 10 Target sockets + 1 Master socket
- Total USB content copy speed up to 7GB per minute
- Quality USB Test functions including Speed Test and Current Measurement
- Optimized for USB hard drive duplication with FAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT Smart Copy
- Multi-partitioning of USB drives with CD-ROM and READ-Only Partition Support


Typical Copy/Verify Speed 720MB/min
Target Devices All USB Storage devices
Slots 10 Expandable to 20, 40
Operation Modes Standalone, Software controlled, Remote controlled
Job- Operations Copy, Verify, Intelligent Verify, Smart Copy (Data only), File Copy
Data Source Master, Image File, Files, Bit-Pattern
Copy Modes Synchronous, Asynchronous, Kiosk Mode 
Smart Copy Support FAT/FAT32/NTFS/HFS+
Supported File Systems All  
Comprehensive Log files SQL Database
Operating System SuSE Linux 10.2
Internal Hard Drive Yes (160GB)
USB Test Functions Read/Write Speed Test, Standby and Active Current Measurement, ID Value Test (VID/PID)
High Current Support for USB Hard Drives  1.5Amps per Slot
Erase USB Drives Yes
USB Serial Number logging Yes
Checksum Test (Checksum, CRC, MD5) Yes
Delay Power up for USB Hard Drives Yes
USB Drive Size Test Yes
Multi User Support (Supervisor/Operator) Yes
USB Reader Support  Yes
Network Connectivity Ethernet
ROHS Compliant Yes
Display 7"x15.5"x3.5
Power Supply 200W 115V/230V SPS
Weight per Slice 18lbs (7kg)
Additional Software: Multi LUN Support for SMI325 Controller: MSRP $500
Create Multiple LUNs yes
LUN Type Support Read/Write, Read-Only, CD-ROM
Fixed or Removable Support yes
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