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CD and DVD Autoload Printers
Full color autoloading ink-jet printers
EnduraJet II Printer

Apollo Print Station with EnduraJet II CISS Continuous Ink Disc Printer - 5760 DPI Resolution
The EnduraJet II printer enables users to print outstanding photo quality images directly onto the surface of discs. Availabel only paired with All Pro Solutions series of automated duplicators and printer autoloaders, the EnduraJet II disc printer provides fast, professional quality and unattended printing of discs (24/7) at the industry’s lowest cost per disc - $0.05 per disc!

Teac P55 CD DVD Autoprinter
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R-Quest TP-5100

The TP-5100 is a networkable 220 Disc print station for those who want the freedom to create their print images separately rather than tie them to a duplication job.
Freedom of choice is also present with the TP-5100 as you can choose from colorful ink-jet printers to durable and crisp thermal printers.

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PF PRO AutoPrinter $2,195.00

Print Factory PRO is our newest automated CD, DVD, Blu-Ray 100 disc printing solution. Excellent Value for Money with 4 Separate Ink cartridges C,M,Y,K. One set of ink cartridges can produce 850 to 1,500 discs.

PC and MAC compatible, USB

MantraJet cd dvd bd printer
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NEW MantraJet Autoprinter $1,395.00

The MantraJet incorporates a gravity-fed loading system into the ultra-popular MantraJet Pro inkjet printer. The system can hold up to 100 discs and prints directly from any PC. Now uses Non-Proprietary ink cartridges!

  G4 Autoptinter
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G4 Autoprinter $1095.00

Affordable  high-quality printing, professionally finished CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs.


High Resolution Full Color Thermal Printers
This is a color-transfer system that is widely used in the graphics arts industry. These printers create images with the color intensity, graphics, and durability of silk-screened or offset printed discs and they are durable, UV stable, and permanent.

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Photo-Realistic High Resolution 4 Color CMYK
Thermal Dye-Sublimation Printer 290 LPI



Monochrome Thermal Printers

This technology is meant for discs that don't need higher quality color graphics or color photos, just printed words or simple logos or line Art.  Print on regular silver or gold CD's and DVD's. Will look like a commercially produced music CD.


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