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Blu-Ray Discs ride the wave with US sales up 28.5% in Q1 2013

Packaged media is weathering the digital 'onslaught' rather well - indeed is picking up after five years of downward trend - if we go by figures released by DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group. Overall US packaged media sales were up 2%, to $2.1 billion from $2 billion in the first quarter of 2012. Blu-ray Disc sales increased by 28.5%. 

According to DEG data compiled using studio data and retailer input and released via an official email to analysts, journalists, and industry affiliates, sales of new releases on Blu-ray Disc were up 37%. Sales of catalogue titles on Blu-ray were up 16% from the first quarter of 2012.

In the first quarter of 2013, physical disc rentals were down 11.9% to an estimated $1 billion through brick-and-mortal outlets, including a 5% drop through Kiosk services.

The number of Blu-ray homes continues to grow, with 3.2 million players sold in the first quarter (including BD set-tops, PS3s and HTiBs). Total penetration of all Blu-ray-compatible devices is close to 60 million US homes.

On the digital distribution front, over the same period, electronic sell-through (EST) increased 51.5% to $231 million, growing the total sell-through pie to nearly 5%.

Total consumer spending on digital content consumption was up 26.2%, to $1.56 billion. Beside EST, this rise is attributable to video-on-demand (up nearly 16% to $614.9 million) and subscription streaming (up 29% to $709.6 million).

Overall, in the first quarter of this year, US consumers spent an estimated $4.69 billion on home entertainment purchases and rentals, up from $4.46 billion in the first three months of 2012.

DVD rentals still a profitable business!

Reports of the demise of DVD are exaggerated if one goes by the assessment of Eric Wold, media specialist at investment bank B. Riley & Co. Taking a hard look at the profitability of various content distribution roads to market, Wold cautions investors that the DVD market is far from moribond, projecting that the physical rental market will generate around $5.3 billion in revenues this year.

"We continue to believe there is a large group of consumers that prefer and will continue to prefer renting DVDs or Blu-ray Discs for a number of understandable reasons: the large cost differential between DVDs and VOD, a lack of appropriate broadband access or a desire for the better quality and enhanced content of Blu-ray vs. downloads (i.e., alternative endings, additional features, etc.)," Wold wrote in a note to investors.

The analyst points out that Redbox currently is the dominant player in large part because, unlike Netflix's disc-by-mail service, Redbox customers obtain their disc immediately off the vending machine. "We believe the ability to get same-day discs at the kiosk (vs. waiting a day for Netflix delivery), along with the addition of unlimited streaming content could prove to be a motivating factor to get Netflix subscribers to cancel," Wold wrote.

A B. Riley & Co research estimates that $1 billion in revenue will come from high street video stores in 2013, with kiosks and mail-order disc services splitting $4.3 billion in revenue. According to L.A. Biz that reports the data, the research projects that "by 2017, video store revenue will drop to about $500 million in revenue, $1 billion for by-mail rentals, and $3.25 billion the remaining revenue generated by kiosks, primarily Redbox."

Wold is quoted as saying that Redbox "has the potential to gain 50% of the displaced rental transactions as physical stores close." 

Story filed 01.04.13

ADR AG and Solstice, Inc. Announce Strategic Cooperation to Expand Distribution Networks
Wiesloch, Germany – March --, 2012 – Advanced Digital Research AG, the disc duplicator innovator and packaging machine specialist, today announced plans to form a strategic partnership with Solstice, Inc., a global supplier of professional duplication and recording equipment, to distribute ADR products in the US and Canada.ADR AG and Solstice intend to jointly distribute CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc wrapping and packaging machines, products and services designed to offer consumers, publishers and distributors more choice and opportunity. Solstice will be the main distributor of ADR products in the US, handling sales, customer service and technical support from their offices in the US and Canada. In the future  Solstice might also consider taking on more of ADR’s product range such as rollcoaters and laminators.

About ADR Advanced Digital Research AG has been on the forefront of the disc duplicator industry for over 15 years by developing their own successful lines of disc duplicator towers, autoloaders and all-in-one publisher systems. Today ADR is the largest European manufacturer and provider of disc duplicators with a distribution network spanning across the globe. In 2011 ADR acquired JMV Robotique, a well-established packaging machine manufacturer, with the aim of merging and expanding both companies’ distribution networks as well as joining forces in research and development.  JMV’s successful product line includes the MEP-120 Disc Sleever and the Speedwrapper  which have already been introduced to the US market. About SolsticeA pioneer in the industry, Solstice first introduced the AutoRecorder 500 automated CD-R duplicator in 1994, which was the forerunner of all of today's autoloading systems. Continuing its innovative leadership, Solstice introduced The Saturn Publisher, the first fully integrated automated standalone CD-R publishing system that combined, recording, and surface printing in one continuous uninterrupted flow. 

Solstice has was founded in Minneapolis, USA in 1994 and moved its head office to Toronto, Canada in 1997 to better serve North and South America, and the world markets. 
Solstice has offices in Florida, USA and Ontario, Canada, with distribution from New York, Minnesota, California and Ontario, Canada. The company's aggressive plan for growth involves continuing to identify new technologies, including optical disc, digital flash card, HDD duplicating and printing and packaging systems that fill important customer needs across a spectrum of markets, and have a synergy with its existing products.

Solstice Introduces microSD Duplicator Line

Press Release:

Description: microSD duplicatorPort St Lucie, FL  — January 17  — Solstice Technologies, a leading distributor in USB Duplicator equipment, announces the release of a new microSD Duplicator line, with 20, 40 and 60 target microSD Duplicator systems to aid business in bulk data loading to microSD flash media formats.

The microSD200PC, microSD400PC and microSD600PC from Nexcopy are designed for quick and easy data loading to microSD flash media. The microSD Duplicator system is a PC based duplicator with advanced software features to handle any data load requirement. The microSD duplicator system is designed specifically for the smaller flash form factor. There are no SD adapters required, the microSD duplicator accepts the microSD media as-is.

“With Smartphones and digital input devices becoming more powerful and sophisticated, companies are now developing standalone applications which run off the smaller microSD memory format,” says Ian Robertson, President of Solstice. “This Nexcopy microSD duplicator now gives companies an ability to control production and data loading at the site level.”

The microSD Duplicator line comes with a powerful software package. Users may perform a File Copy from a source directory or use the binary bit for bit copy function to copy from a master microSD card to blank microSD targets. Users may select between a Full Image copy process or a Short Image copy process. In addition, the microSD Duplicator will publish unique content to each flash device through Nexcopy exclusive unique data copy technology. For those requiring strict quality control, users may toggle on the bit for bit verification function that is available with all Nexcopy duplicators.

Robertson continues, “The microSD duplicator is ideal mobile applications including value added pre-loaded music and video content for Smartphones. Telecom recycling centers that need to process and format microSD media left in cell phones and Smartphones after a contract has expired. With the new duplicators, formatting, erasing, verifying and data loading is a very simple and straight forward process.”

The microSD Duplicators are compact in size, take very little desk real-estate and priced right for today’s economic climate and tighter corporate budgets [starting at $1,289]. There are more features and benefits to microSD Duplicator systems, to learn more visit:

Solstice’s complete lines of flash memory and optical disc duplicators include microSD Duplicators, CF, SD, USB Duplicators and CD, DVD, Blu-Ray duplicators and label printers systems.

About Solstice Incorporated:
Solstice Incorporated distributes the finest and most feature rich flash memory and optical disc duplicators in the market.  Pioneering the duplication market, Solstice supplies the Americas, Europe, India, Asia, Pacific Rim. Its U.S. headquarters at:  10302 S Federal Hwy, Port St Lucie, FL 34952.

Written by Solstice on January 17, 2011. Posted in Press Release




New Standalone USB Duplicators from Nexcopy

09.09.10 | Press Release

Press Release:

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  — Sep 10, 2010 — Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator equipment, announces the release of two new standalone USB duplicator solutions for bulk data loading to USB flash memory.

The new standalone USB duplicators from Nexcopy provide ultra fast data copying of content to flash media.  Depending on the device, the standalone duplicators can reach a maximum of 2GBs per minute data transfer.  These numbers yield a transfer speed faster than current USB 3.0 technologies for data loading to USB 2.0 flash drives.

“Our PC based systems have been our flagship product for many years, but for those who need ultra fast copy speeds with simple operation, the new standalone systems are the ideal product,” says Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy.  “Our standalone systems are highly optimized with dedicated OS-less boards which control the copy process - the new systems from Nexcopy are not embedded computers, but rather dedicated boards to perform a primary function - to copy.”

The new standalone models include 16 and 32 socket systems - the USB115SA and USB131SA respectively.  The USB115SA is a 16 socket system with one master and 15 targets.  The USB131SA is a 32 socket system with one master and 31 targets.  The USB duplicators are ergonomically designed with a contemporary look and finish.  The cases are made of anodized aluminum making the USB duplicators light weight and portable - ideal for in-field applications such as trade shows, conferences and live events.

The standalone systems are simple to operate and include power utilities and features.  Each model has the configuration option for asynchronous duplication for independent data loading to each device.  The user may configure the system to format the device, erase data or toggle a 32‐bit CRC data error checking utility.  In addition, there is a flash memory bad-block checking utility and a speed benchmark test utility.  A backlit 2 x 20 character LCD display provides user navigation and performance feedback.

The standalone USB Duplicators are compact in size, take very little desk real-estate and priced right for today’s economic climate and tight corporate budgets [starting at $1,799].  Learn more about these USB Duplicator systems:

Nexcopy Announces New CF Duplicator - 15, 30 and 45 Target CF Copiers

01.23.10 | Press Release

Nexcopy Announces New CF Duplicator Systems

CF DuplicatorRancho Santa Margarita, CA  — January 26, 2010 — Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator equipment, announced the release of it’s CF Duplicator line, with 15, 30 and 45 target CF Duplicator systems to aid companies in bulk data loading to Compact Flash media formats.

The CF150PC, CF300PC and CF450PC are designed for quick and easy data loading to Compact Flash media and PCMCIA media.  The CF Duplicator systems come with an incredibly powerful software suite to accomplish many different tasks.  The CF Duplicators are compact in size, take very little desk real-estate and priced right for today’s economic climate and tighter corporate budgets.

“Compact Flash media is the original solid state memory developed back in 1994 and with it’s long history, this is why CF flash memory is the leading memory type for embedded applications,” says Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy.  “Developing a CF duplicator to address this market is ideal for integrators and a perfect fit for our established dealer network.  Now we offer some of the largest CF Duplicator systems available with 15, 30 and 45 target solutions.”

The CF Duplicator line comes with a powerful software suite.  Users may copy files from a source directory on a PC or use the binary bit for bit copy function to copy from a master device.  Users can select between a Full Image copy function or a Short Image copy function.  In addition, the CF Duplicators can publish unique content to each memory device through Nexcopy’s exclusive unique data copy technology.  For those requiring strict quality control, users may toggle on the bit for bit verification function that is available with all Nexcopy duplicators.

CF DuplicatorMorris continues, “We paid specific attention to the low-level Short Image and Full Image binary copy function to insure the CF duplicator will duplicate Linux distribution packages and Ext2 and Ext3 formats.  Nexcopy felt it critical to provide this type of support on our PC based systems for Linux and Unix users and the Short Image and Full Image copy functions provide that support.”

There are more features and benefits to the CF150PC, CF300PC and CF450PC CF Duplicator.  Learn more at:  CF Duplicator Systems product page.

How to repair your Disks! - and more Helpful Essentials

March 19, 2009 by Blu Ray Burner
For around ten years, CDs have been the preferred media format for the record industry. Compared to their earlier analog counterparts, they provide superior sound quality and are much more durable. Unfortunately they are not indestructible, as many consumers have come to realize. While there is no tape that gets torn and tangled, the read-side (playing side) of the disc can become scratched and interfere with the playback of the disc. This can cause either a minor skip in the disk or maybe even making it completely unplayable.
The most common form of damage is a scratch in the read-side of the disc. What many people don't realize is that this side of the disc is actually just a protective coating for the digital information stored underneath. The CD may be currently unusable. This is great because it means the actual data still works!
Over the past few years, quite a few methods of repairing them have been discovered. One of these methods attempts to fill the scratch with a liquid gel that dries and leaves the surface smooth if applied properly. While inexpensive, this method is often not all its cracked up to be. Even if you manage to apply the material correctly, many times the laser still cannot read the disc properly. The scratch is filled and smooth, but the laser gets refracted and the CD continues to skip. Another more expensive alternative requires a hand-cranked CD repair mechanism. These devices generally cost about $30 and attempt to grind the scratch out using a hand-crank. Although it removes the actual scratch, it has been known to leave major scuffs on the rest of the disk.
The most effective form of scratch removal for CDs and DVDs applies the same concept as the hand-crank device but takes the idea a step farther. These are professional scratch repair machines that use powered motors and specially made CD buffering pads to remove the scratch and restore the disc to its original shine. The process begins by buffering the CD with a coarse, sandpaper-like material that removes the actual scratch. Progressively more fine pads are used until the CD is finally resurfaced with a polishing compound to remove any remaining scuffs created during the scratch removal process. All this may sound very technical, but it is actually very simple.
Think of it as the same process you might use to repair a scratched coffee table. First, remove the scratch with a powered sander and then polish and refinish the affected area. While these machines are too expensive for the average consumer to purchase ($500 and up), it is becoming more and more common to find them in used CD stores and rental shops. You can usually have your CDs and DVDs repaired for a mere $3-4, a small price to pay when compared to buying a replacement disc.
Digital media formats, such as mp3s, are the latest form of distributing music and are becoming more popular all the time. With these digital formats the hassle of scratches will be a thing of the past, but compact discs are still the preferred medium by most consumers. There are still thousands of albums that aren't available on mp3 as well. So for now, customers will have to continue to be careful how they handle their discs or find an inexpensive, reliable way to have their movies and music discs repaired.

Solstice announces HELIOS series SATA duplicator controllers
Solstice partner ILY Enterprise introduces HELIOS SATA BD/DVD/CD duplicator controllers with One-Touch USB copy
& user-programmable SmartKeys, SATA-interface Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicator controllers. HELIOS features proven disc duplication
technologies, One-Touch USB-to-Disc quick copy and two SmartKeys allowing users to create
personalized shortcuts for certain frequently used functions.
Media duplicators offer individual or business an easy and reliable platform to deliver time-sensitive
contents to the market quickly and cost-effectively. HELIOS duplicators operate without PC so there is no
expensive hardware and software to buy.
HELIOS controllers are the first duplicator controllers on the market that offer leading Disc-to-Disc
duplication technology, proven SATA-interface performance and time-saving features such as One-Touch
USB quick copy and user-programmable SmartKeys. says Jeffrey Yao, Executive Vice President. Our
customers can now perform multiple duplication tasks with one duplicator based on our HELIOS
controllers. HELIOS featured revolutionary 7-button control panel designed for easy-access to user-friendly
menu functions.
Potential markets for the HELIOS series duplicators include: entertainment, government, education and
SMB. HELIOS duplicator controllers are available in 1, 5 and 7-target configurations at launch.


Solstice introduces Spartan DUO SATA BD/DVD/CD duplicators with OneTouch USB copy & user programmable

City of Industry, CA, April 03, 2009 Spartan Duplicator today introduces Spartan
DUO series SATA interface Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicators. DUO features proven disc duplication technology, One
Touch USB to Disc duplication and two SmartKeys allowing users to create personalized shortcuts for certain
frequently used duplication functions, saving both time and effort.
Media duplicators offer individual or business an easy and reliable platform to deliver time sensitive contents to
the market quickly and cost effectively. Optical media is ideal for storing valuable information such as photos and
digitized documents for easy distribution and storage. It is less expensive, requires no power to run or maintain
and has very long lifecycle with little or no maintenance. Spartan duplicators operate without PC so there is no
expensive hardware and software to buy.
Spartan DUO duplicators combine the bestselling Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD duplication technology with exclusive
bonus features such as OneTouch USB quick copy and user programmable SmartKeys. Easy touch menu options
are accessible from the uniquely designed 7button control panel. Proven SATA interface design offers advantages
such as faster transfer rate, more reliable error checking and improved airflow over IDE. says Cedric Tan, Vice
President of Sales and Marketing. Our customers can perform DisctoDisc and USBtoDisc duplications with
Spartan DUO duplicators saving precious time and valuable resources that that are critical in this challenging time.
Potential markets for the Spartan DUO series duplicators include: entertainment, government, education and SMB.
Spartan DUO duplicators are available from 1 through 7target configurations at launch. For more information,
please visit our website at
About Spartan Duplicator
Spartan Duplicator pioneers in dedicated media duplicators since 1995. All Spartan duplicators have a 1year
limited warranty, proudly assembled and tested in the USA.

Monday, January 26, 2009
MF Digital Releases New 5600 videoLive Event Recorder / Copier
MF Digital is now offering the 5600 videoLive, the new professional video recorder and copier with state-of-the-art features for live video event capture & duplication. The 5600 Series videoLIVE provides the ideal method for capturing and duplicating video. Highly streamlined work flow allows you to quickly and easily capture video and produce DVDs in quantity, all within minutes of the end of your live event.

Features and Benefits Include:
Fast DVD Production: you can quickly deliver 6 to 60 DVDs within 10 minutes after recording your live event! Easy to Use: simple wizard software and one-click duplicating makes even the most novice user become an expert. Designed for Live Events: sleek rack-mount unit offers real-time video/audio capture, recording and multidrive DVD duplication Scaleable & Network Ready: scalable with 6-bay modules for high copy production. Gigabit Ethernet to quickly retrieve network content. Professional Quality and Output: Choose from ready-made templates to create professional looking DVDs immediately after your event. Ideal for any Live Venues: Whether its a church event, corporate seminar, court deposition or a live concert, the 5600 Live Series has the exact features you need. The live video event recorder is a must have for producing high quality DVD copies. Designed in a space saving rank-mount enclosure the 5600 VideoLIVE Series is not only compact, but expandable. Easily connect multiple units to increase production from 6 to 60 drives, yet control everything from a single console.

The 5600 Live offers the ability to expand your duplicators. The Live Event Recorder system becomes a fully automated production system. Start with 4 or 6 drive master system and easily expand with 6 drive slave units. Growing your production anywhere from 4 to 60 drives is as simple as adding a 5600 copy module slave. The 5600 video Live Series is an end-to-end automated DVD authoring solution that offers real-time video/audio capture, recording and multidrive duplication of DVDs during live events.

PrintWrite for Mac Now Shipping
March 16, 2009, Chanhassen, MN Disc publishing just got a lot easier for Mac users. Microboards Technology, world leader in recordable media solutions, recently started shipping its popular PrintWrite software for the Mac and will be showing the hot new software at this years NAB show.

Created by Microboards engineering team, PrintWrite was designed specifically for use with Microboards disc publishers, meaning users will be able to get the very most out of their publishing equipment. The software is compatible with the GX, MX-1, and MX-2 Disc Publishers, and is operational on Mac OS X.

"PrintWrites arrival has been received enthusiastically by our client base, because it sets a new standard for dependability, flexibility, and ease-of-use in the [disc publishing] field," said Aaron Pratt, Microboards Director of Marketing. "If its warm reception at Macworld in January is any indication, users will be thrilled with PrintWrite."

While the PrintWrite PC version features a step-by-step approach to disc publishing, the Mac version is trimmed down to a single screen with several pop-out panels, along with a dashboard-style preview. Novice users will find the drag-and-drop operation extremely user-friendly, while expert-level users will have access to advanced tools and options.

Users can create discs of any kind by simply dragging and dropping files into the software. Music CDs, Video DVDs, and many other options are available. Blu-ray is also supported. For beginning users, its a matter of just a few clicks to producing finished discs. Jobs can also be saved for future production.

Advanced features include publishing using batch mode, or the ability to insert a stack of discs, masters mixed in with blanks, and record accordingly, assigning specific print labels. Create Image and Burn Image options allow the creation and duplication of the entire content of a disc using industry-standard ISO files.

Label files of most any format can be created and imported into PrintWrite using popular graphics programs like PhotoshopTM and Corel DrawTM. PrintWrite stores the twenty most recent labels, displayed in a flashy scrolling display.

We feel this entrenches Microboards deep in the Mac arena, said Microboards Vice President of Operations John Westrum. Unlike some other products out there, Microboards products now span all operating environments. We expect a very positive feedback from the Mac community.

PrintWrite for Mac began shipping with all Microboards GX-2, MX-1, and MX-2 disc publishers on March 2nd, 2009. PrintWrite for Mac supports OS 10.5 and newer.

Tilt Mobility Reports
10.01.08Everyone needs to copy their MicroSD card from time to time, but have you ever needed to make 20 copys of your Micro or Mini SD Storage Cards? Even though it is not very likely, I thought it was a pretty neat microSD Duplicator device to share with you. Check it out:read more from Tilt Mobility
Zedomax Reports
07.14.08If you are thinking about getting a secure USB flash drive to protect your data, consider Nexcopys USB Secure USB Flash Drives. The Secure Flash Drive products have some additional qualities that are VERY unique. For example, the drive can be configured to include a USB CD-ROM partition with an Open partition to read/write OR you may configure the drive to include a USB Read Only partition with open partition, or finally you may configure the drive to be a USB dongle where there entire drive is Read Onlyread more from Zedomax
EverythingUSB Reports
07.11.08What you need is a flash drive duplicator that will not only duplicate flash drives, but offers USB copy protection as well. The new Nexcopy USB drive duplicator allows the addition of copy protection to the files stored on the drive to prevent unauthorized duplication. This would be perfect for designers looking to be able to give out digital portfolios, but wanting to protect their work from duplication. Both software and PDF documents can be copy protectedread more from EverythingUSB

05.16.08With flash memory getting dirt cheap these days, I wonder whether the day will come where software is released on USB flash drives instead of DVDs and CDs. Nexcopy is certainly taking that view with its new USB200PC USB duplicator. Capable of copying up to 20 blank USB flash drives simultaneously from a master copy, you will be able to save up to hundreds of hours in production time and perhaps even up to thousands of dollars in production costs read more from UberGizmo
CrowdSpirit Reports
04.23.08The Nexcopy USB duplicator allows you to copy as much as 250MB of data to 20 USB drives in one shot. In under 4 minutes. Now, who can beat that? For companies, this device can save much time and effort, for example, when duplicating official data on USB drives for distribution among employees. Or for a company marketing a new product during a promotional campaign read more from CrowdSpirit
Methodshop Reports
04.23.08Maybe its the process of data loading the information onto the drive on why flash drives havent become more popular with companies for handing out information. Its a very viral gadget. The USB duplicator is an obvious choice for making such a life, much easier. The Nexcopy USB duplicator is a 20 target system and the company says a 5 minute mpeg video (about 30MBs) read more from Methodshop
My Digital Life Reports
04.21.08USB music albums are becoming a much bigger hit these days as well, and having a USB duplicator to make your album definitely speeds up the process from a hub and copy-n-paste. I know you can put the following information onto a CD or DVD, but for the groupies, something unique like a flash drive is just ideal. Putting your band video, back story interviews, lyrics etc. onto USB is a new way to give a bands fans something unique read more from MyDigitalLife
EverythingUSB Reports
03.24.08The Nexcopy duplicator will also let you add new content without overwriting the old and will also perform version updates, which should help save quite a bit of time if you already have your flash drives ready to go. Speaking of saving time, the USB200PC is quit speedy too read more from EverythingUSB
BoingBoing Reports
03.21.08The awesomely, Sovietly square Nexcopy USB200PC key duplicator will flash 20 USB sticks at once from a master key. Sounds like a useful tool for samizdata (see, for example, Cuba, where keys were used to spread videos of a suppressed congressional crisis), and its going to look great on the scrapheap of history in a decade or so! read more from BoingBoing

USB Copy Protection File Formats Extended
09.11.08Nexcopy is pleased to announce the TrusCont Secure Flash Drive has expanded the list of file formats for USB copy protection.
As intellectual property continues to grow as a core business asset for todays organizations, the need to protect those digital assets is becoming more critical. One of the preferred methods for digital distribution is via USB flash drives. TrusCont identified the need to protect these digital assets to USB early-on and developed the TSFD flash with USB copy protection for .exe files and Adobe PDF documents. Today, TrusCont expands the list of supported file formats for USB copy protection. As of September 2008, USB copy protection can be applied to:
Software .exe Program Files Adobe PDF Documents SWF Flash Applications and Animations HTM and HTML Web Pages JPG, GIF and PNG Pictures and Photos MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG Audio File Formats AVI, MPG, WMV and ASF Video File Formats The TrusCont Secure Flash Drives are a great success and provide users with an invaluable tool to protect their intellectual property. The added file formats are a great addition to an already successful program. With digital content becoming more interactive, the support of USB copy protection to web, audio and video files will give users exactly what they crave: true digital rights management and protection, comments Greg Morris President of Nexcopy.
To learn more, please visit the USB Copy Protection information page or contact Solstice to answer your specific questions and discuss your project in mind.
Nexcopy Introduces 20 Target SD Duplicator
08.13.08Ladera Ranch, CA August 14, 2008 Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator equipment, announced the release of its SD200PC, a 20 target SD duplicator system to aid users in bulk data loading to Secure Digital media formats.
The SD200PC is designed for quick and easy data loading to Secure Digital media such as SD cards, miniSD cards and microSD cards. The SD Duplicator is a 20 target system with powerful copy and duplication functions. Users may copy files from a source location on a PC or use the low-level binary copy function to copy a full image from a Secure Digital media source.
Secure Digital media formats are the leading flash memory type for deployment of field applications to hand-held devices, mobile phones, GPS units and telecommunication devices, says Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy.
Enhanced USB Duplicator with USB Copy Protection
06.30.08Ladera Ranch, CA and Haifa, Israel July 1, 2008 Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator equipment and TrusCont Ltd. a leader in copy protection and Digital Rights Management solutions, announced the release of the worlds first USB duplicator with copy protection capability.
Based on TrusCont security technology, Nexcopy offers the TSFD Publisher Kits for on-site customer creation of USB copy protect flash drives with advanced functions such as USB CD-ROM partition and USB Read Only partitions. The Nexcopy TSFD Publisher Kits bundle TrusCont Secure Flash Drives, TSFD Copy Protection software and Nexcopys 20 port USB duplicator.
With increased popularity of USB flash drives as a means for document distribution, software publishing and other digital content distribution the need for companies to secure their intellectual property on USB drives are becoming more prevalent and critical. With TrusCont Secure Flash Drives and Nexcopys USB200PC USB duplicator, companies now have an in-house, turn-key hardware and software security solution for USB sticks.
USB Duplicator USB200PC By Nexcopy, Now Available
03.12.08March 19, 2008 Nexcopy announced today the new USB200PC flash drive USB Duplicator is available and now shipping. The USB Copier provides users a quick and easy method for content loading to USB flash memory.
The USB200PC is a PC based USB Duplicator capable of copying from a master location to 20 USB targets. With simple software interface, even the most novice user can easily duplicate a set of USB drives for content loading. The USB200PC USB Duplicator works with any size flash drive, from any manufacturer. Users may mix and match flash memory sizes and brands for the ultimate in content loading flexibility.

Memory Card Duplicator Update News

New USB Stick CopyStation 21 available now!

We would like to introduce our new USB Stick CopyStation 21, which will be available within Q2. It is the ideal solution for everyone who wants to do large scale programming of USB memory sticks.   The new USB Stick CopyStation 21 is a further development of our
USB Stick CopyStation, which is the perfect entry level solution for the duplication of data images to up to seven USB memory sticks simultaneously. However, this CopyStation has, as the name already suggests, 21 slots.

The in-house developed software matches in its look & feel all the other altec CopyStations. In this CopyStation, as well as in all memory card copy machines, know-how and experience of seven years of CopyStation development are combined. The user interface is selectable for a German or an English version. The USB Stick CopyStation 21 is compatible with Windows XP.  Of course our USB Stick CopyStation for seven USB sticks is still available.

Langenhagen, June 21st, 2007
++++ Press Release ++++

altec ComputerSysteme GmbH presents FlashCard CopyStation II

altec ComputerSysteme GmbH is proud to announce a new FlashCard CopyStation II which provides enhancements to the proven FlashCard CopyStation for the content-duplication of most types of memory media. The new FlashCard CopyStation convinces with a particularly easy to use interface as well its software option.  

Press Release:
altec ComputerSysteme GmbH has further improved its successful FlashCard CopyStation and has made it even more user-friendly. The new FlashCard CopyStation II is a complete system, which consists of a PC without monitor as well as the altec copying software.  The CopyStation has four pre-configured PC Card Drives for a total of eight PC Card slots.  

ThThe FlashCard CopyStation II is compatible with PC Cards and all memory media which can be used with an adapter, such as CompactFlash Cards, SD & SDHC Cards, miniSD & miniSDHC, microSD & microSDHC Cards, MultiMediaCards, Microdrives, alle Memory Sticks or xD-Cards.  

A user-friendly software running under Windows XP is used to create images from memory media and to write and verify the copies. The user has the choice between a German and an English interface.  span>

The new CopyStation also provides a software option for creating and copying smaller image-files. This allows for the faster programming of memory media where less data is stored than the actual storage capacity permits.  

altec can look back at a long-time experience in the field of copying stations for mobile memory media therefore offering a solution for every need. The portfolio consists of a broad variety of copy stations for the duplication of card images: ranging from the above mentioned FlashCard CopyStation to the USB Stick CopyStation or the automated Robo CopyStation in two versions.

altec ComputerSysteme GmbH grants a 24 months warranty on the FlashCard CopyStation II.

NEW: altec High-Speed CopyStation «Ultra Version»

Starting immediately, we offer you an accelerated High-Speed CopyStation Ultra Version. It provides you with a write speed of up to 50%. This way, 3,000 (instead of 2,000) memory cards with a 512 MB data image can be copied in eight hours when using two CardBoxes.   Of course, the already existing High-Speed CopyStation is still available.  You can order the new High-Speed CopyStation «Ultra Version» with item number B32AL188E (English operating system and keyboard)

Write Protect Option for High-Speed CopyStation

The additional software option «Write Protect» for SD and MMC Cards is now available. This software option makes it possible that a temporary or permanent write protection can be set after each copying process when copying SD or MMC Cards with the High-Speed CopyStation.   This option can be ordered with the Item no. 31AL2006. It comes with the current copying software

File Copy Option for USB Stick CopyStation

With the so called «File Copy Option» we now offer you the possibility to copy files with our USB Stick CopyStation.  This means that copies of specific file directories or files as well as copies of possibly existing subdirectories are created. There is no need to create 1:1 images.   We recommend this copying method for the copying of smaller data amounts since higher performances can be reached this way.  Thus, three different copying methods are available for the USB Stick CopyStation: «Image Copy» for the copying of images, «Short Image Copy» for the creating and copying of abbreviated image-files as well as the «File Copy Option» mentioned above.   If you are interested in learning more about the different copying methods, please contact us. We will gladly provide you with information. These will also be available on our homepage shortly.

Press Release:  Solstice announces Data Ripping Utility from MF Digital

PSL December 06, 2006 --- Solstice Technologies the industry leader in CD/DVD Copier Production Equipment, introduces Data Ripping, an advanced software utility to extract disc content from the original file and folder structure of a CD or DVD to hard disc.

"Users can now extract data and keep the original file and folder structure of the CD or DVD. Typically a disc archive would create a global disc image, or a single .ISO file eliminating the ability to view a specific file after the archive. However, the MF Digital Data Ripping utility gives the user a way to view individual files after the archive process," says John McGrath, MF Digital Sales Manager. "Many companies are struggling with how to migrate their data from disc and old juke box devices to newer, high capacity storage platforms such as high density optical disc, storage area networks, or other network attached storage devices."

Couple the Data Ripping feature with MF Digital's award winning disc robotics hardware, and users now have an automated way to extract disc content in bulk. Include the MP3 Ripping utility software and MF Digital provides a full turn-key ripping station for Data and Audio. "These are exciting times for MF Digital" says Morris, Marketing Manager "we see a trend of companies synchronizing their off-line storage to more accessible, on-line storage - all the while still distributing information via CD-R and DVD-R. MF Digital has positioned itself as the premier industry leader for disc duplicating, disc printing and disc ripping, for audio and data, while maintaining a product line easy to use and with equipment configurations fit for any budget."

MF Digital products are available from Solstice technologies. To find out more about Data Ripping contact Solstice: Toll Free 866-357-4321 or contact us.

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