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The TEAC P-55 from Solstice Technologies is the ideal solution for stand-alone on-demand CD, DVD and Blu-Ray printing. It produces the worldís finest high-quality, professionally printed CD, DVD BD discs. Thanks to an innovative thermal re-transfer print system, 4-colour, extremely durable full color CMYK discs can be created effortlessly.
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Teac P-55 Media Matrix Chart
Using the latest in printing technology, the TEAC P-55 permanently seals the image in place. The discs, once printed, are water repellent, scratchproof, and UV-protected. This results in an absolutely borderless print. Fast and economical a single disc takes from 80 to 120 seconds to print and thereís no need to laminate! The TEAC P-55 offers excellent value and can save up to 30% in comparison with conventional printing methods.

The TEAC P-55 is supplied with software that is easy to configure and is user friendly. This allows any user to quickly generate images for print with text, graphics, logos and pictures in full Color. Three ribbons sets are available: Photo, Color & Black. The Color ribbon is suitable when printing simple pictures, graphics & text. Photo ribbons offers greater color range than the color ribbon and should be used when the very best resolution is required. A thermal dye-sublimation process means that as the image is being produced, the head temperature is adjusted which changes the colors on the photo ribbon to give more variation on hues and tints. The TEAC P-55 is designed as a professional solution that can be used in various corporate areas and industries and is perfect for graphic arts, software and music distribution, for company presentations or for local sales promotions.

Professional duplicators will also find the TEAC P-55 to be an invaluable addition to their just-in-time applications.

Why Buy the TEAC P-55 Disc Printer?

  • The world's highest image quality disc printer:  400 dpi / 290 lpi.
  • The world's only dye-sublimation thermal disc printer.
  • Prints on virtually any media with "VersaMax" Ribbon.  No need to be forced to purchase media kits.
  • Works with lowest cost media and white flooded media resulting in lowest cost per printed disc with the VersaMax Ribbon.
  • The most widely supported printer by the third party Robotics manufacturers.
  • The world's only 4 Color (CMYK) thermal print with "True Black".
  • The world's only black ribbon with 256 shades of gray.
  • 4 Print technologies in one printer, just by changing consumables (Photo, Color, VersaMax and Black).
  • The most versatile thermal disc printer available on the market today:  Prints on 8cm discs, business card media and even USB flash drives!

Teac P55 Color printer
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TEAC P-55 Autoloader

Teac P55 Printer
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Teac P55 with 2 writer duplicator


Revolutionary New Printing System Featuring Dye Sublimation
Outstanding Photo Quality
Highest Resolution Available Today
Bleed Free and UV Stable
Works in-line with R-Quest Duplicators
TEACís new P55 Thermal Printer produces high quality thermal prints that are photo realistic. TEAC has redefined the industry standard with its thermal printer

TEAC's P55 has been optimized to produce vibrant colors with increased clarity and sharpness of each image produced. The 400 dpi resolution is the highest in the industry today unmatched by any competitor!

TEACís P55 thermal printing technology ushers in a new era of affordable, high quality CD/DVD media printing, producing photo realistic labels that are truly unmatched. The CD/DVD labeling has been given a new meaning. TEACís P55 printer blows away traditional screen printing and replaces it with unsurpassed quality never before seen on a thermal printer


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