< PC-Link >
It is a two-way communication technology of data and commands between two machines. The PC/Server-Link technology let several stand-alone duplicators communicate with a PC/Server.

From PC/Server, it can transfer commands and set duplicator parameters to the duplicator. And also from the duplicator, it can send target's ID information or production log report to the PC/Server.
Before executing "PC-Link" function,
users have to install PL2303 Driver and PC-Link Software
The following are five main characteristics of PC-Link Function:
1. Real-time monitoring 2. One PC monitors multi-duplicators with nickname defining
The proceeding status of all ports could be showed on PC in real time basis, so the users could monitor the operating situation more easily. Just using one PC, users could monitor and control many duplicators, each duplicator could even create their own nickname. It could not only help to economize your time but also make the production control process more easy and convenient.
3. PC-Link makes reliable H5 Test more efficient 4. Real-Time Saving and seeing of log report
With real-time monitoring function, PC-Link makes H5 quality checking more unbelievably efficient. Users could monitor the testing process on real time, which is very convenient for factories to manage quality control. PC-Link makes Log report be seen and saved in real
< Log Report >
The log Report function is an excellent management tool for operation control purpose. It can record all the details of duplication operation and targets so as flash information.
As a result, this function can not only achieve production yield rate analysis report, but also, it can become a good management reporting system.
Log Report's Features
1.   A great function to show 4 kinds of information:
þ Machine identification.
þ Record of each flash ports.
þ Pass & failure messages.
þ Detailed target information.

2.   User can output the records in specific period for analysis on PC.
3.   Diminish man-made mistakes on daily production report.