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Solstice USB Copy Protection

Solstice offers you USB copy protection for USB flash drives. 

Our high capacity USB Copy Secure flash drives are high performance USB flash drives with enhanced functionality with USB copy protection and full digital rights management.

If you want files to be viewed from a flash drive, but not saved or shared this is the technology to use.  There is a big difference between encryption and copy protection for your data. 

Key Features

Files cannot be copied or shared

Data cannot be deleted or erased off drive

Files cannot be printed

Cannot copy & paste text from files

Standalone solution, no internet required

Solution supports both Mac and PC

No Installation of software on host

Admin rights not required

Copy Protection license does not expire

Re-use flash drive again and again

Password option for more security

Short run or large run production options

Set time expiration for files

Triple DEA encryption technology

This USB copy protection solution is a combination of both hardware and software and is not a technology you can apply to any USB drive after all why pay copy protection licenses when the user could format or delete the files off the drive? The Nexcopy solution locks the protected content to a write protected partition where the data sits forever. It cannot be deleted or formatted off the drive.

USB Read Only Partition The Nexcopy Copy Secure solution has the option to split the drive into two partitions. The first partition contains the copy protected content and is write protected so the files cannot be deleted off the drive. The second partition is left open as a read/write area and acts like a normal flash drive. When the drive is split, the USB device uses two drive letters in the host operating system.

Supported file types for USB copy protection:

  • PDF, XML, TXT, CSS Documents
  • HTM and HTML Web Pages
  • SWF, JPG, GIF and PNG Pictures, Photos and Animation
  • MP3, WAV Audio Formats
  • WMV, and MOV Video File Formats



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