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Now Available USB Drive Duplicators, USB partitioning and USB for Microsoft Replacement Recovery Media. Ask about our 15TB Drive Duplicators
Copy multiple USB's the easy way...FAST with a USB duplicator from Solstice Technologies!
Shop for and buy the best USB Duplicators, USB Flash Memory Duplicator, Flash Drive Duplicator, USB Pen Drive Duplicator, USB Jump Drive Duplicator USB external drive, USB HD Copier at; your source for the best USB Duplicators!

intelligent 9 usb duplicator

Intelligent 9 USB Duplicators

These High-speed standalone USB duplicators not only support duplication of up to 120 USB targets with large data capacities,  they also examine USB drives by providing the most accurate testing results known today.

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SuperSpeed USB Duplicator USB 3.0 Duplicator – SSUSB160PC
Nexcopy introduces the newly designed SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Duplicator, the SSUSB160PC.  Now take full advantage of the latest USB specification with the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Duplicator.  Our new look is an ergonomic design with a top-side loading process making it the easiest system to load and unload flash memory media.
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USB Partition Duplicator

USB PC Controlled Duplicator (PC required)

The USB200PC is an economical solution for data loading and data distribution via USB flash drives. PC controlled you can copy to 20, 40 or 60 blank USB flash drives, simply and automatically. Also available as a Standalone and now a TSFD Publisher with digital rights management software.

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USB200Pro Partition Duplicator 

USB200PRO – Partition Duplicator

  • Create USB Partitions on Certified Flash Drives
  • Set USB Read Only Partitions
  • Easily Create USB CD-ROM Partitions
  • Write Protect USB Partitions or Entire Device
  • Control USB Serial Numbers, VID & PID Information. Reset USB Device and Remove USB Partitions. Copy up to 60 USB at a time


Full Details on USB200PRO


FlashMax USB Duplicator

FlashMax High Speed Standalone


FlashMAX USB duplicators are ergonomically designed for ease of handling. Easily and reliably create multiple copies of your USB drives without a computer or software. Each USB channel has dedicated data copy throughput of 2GB per minute. Copy up to 31 at a time.

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Spartan 118 USB Duplicator



Solstice USB Duplicators  copies USB drives at the rate of 33MB per second without a computer. Models available will duplicate 7, 15, 20, 34, 48, 55, 90, 118 USB's all at the same time. Call or e-mail for latest prices

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Nexcopy Standalone Nexcopy USB Duplicator

15 Target and 31 Target Configurations
Performance Driven. Faster Than USB 3.0!
Continuous Asynchronous Duplication
One Button Operation. Quick Functions: Copy, Copy & Compare, Format, USB Benchmarking & NAND integrity checking. Supports all formats, FAT, FAT32, ext2, ext3, HFS

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Spartan Super USB 20 Target

Solstice USB Ultra High Speed Standalone


Solstice USB Duplicators copies USB drives at the rate of 33MB per second without a computer. Models available will duplicate 7, 15, 20, 34, 48, 55, 90, 118 USB's all at the same time. Call or e-mail for latest prices

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USB CopyStation7

USB Stick CopyStation



(PC required) Small scale programming of USB memory sticks. PC required. The system is supplied with In-house developed copy software and an active USB 2.0 hi-speed hub compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 memory sticks.


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 CopyStation 21 Ultra  

USB 21 Ultra Standalone CopyStation

Ultra fast
duplication of 21 USB memory sticks. Embedded PC with preinstalled software including altec copying software under Windows XP Professional with 21 USB 2.0 slots.

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Never worry about a branding problem with the all new Nexcopy USB Clip Printer™USB7P.

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The USB Clip Printer is ideal for short run print runs for either single color or full color logos. The inkjet printable clips are of standard size and will fit nearly all swivel style USB flash drives.


USB Standalone and PC Controlled

Duplicator and Tester

The M6310 USB Duplicator has the ability and port power to duplicate large capacity USB hard disks. It can be standalone or networked and linked together to allow up to 40 duplication ports. Supports multiple USB partitions that can be set to read only, read and write or as CD ROM


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USB Flash Drive Copiers

Until recently we had to depend on zip disks, CDs and DVDs to distribute digital data - not a great fit in our increasingly mobile lifestyle. However, with the emergence of the compact USB, SD and CF flash drives, you can now fit data in the palm of your hand. USB flash drives are small devices that connect to your computer/cell phone.tablet via a USB port with the capacity to read/write and copy data from an internal flash memory chip. Your divice will recognize your USB flash drive as an external drive, and allow you to drag and drop data from the USB flash drive window. The only difference among USB flash drives is storage capacity, transfer speed (determined by the type of USB Connectivity - USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0) and appearance such as size, shape and color.

The Industry's Most Complete Selection of USB Flash Drive Duplicators
With the industry's most complete selection of brand name products, Solstice is your one-stop shop for USB duplicators. Our inventory include duplicator and copier systems that support USB's and USB external hard drives from such outstanding manufacturers as Seagate, Buffalo, WD, Fantom, LaCie, MicroNet, Verbatim, Imation, Lenovo, Memorex, Crucial, PNY, Kanguru, Lexar, Corsair, A-DATA, Kingston, Ultra, K-Byte, Memorex, SanDisk, SMI, Toshiba, and Transcend. Whether you're looking for a simple standalone or a PC controlled system with other features such as write protection, we have the USB flash duplicator you need. If you're looking for fast, reliable USB copiers, you'll find it right here on this site.

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