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BCD100 (VS650) Semi-Automatic CD Jewel Case Packer

CD Packer

The BCD100 CD Packer is a semi-automatic machine for packing discs into regular jewel cases and slim-line jewel cases. Not only does the CD Packer place the disc into the waiting case, but it will also place accompanying booklets.

Operation of the CD Packer could not be simpler. An opened jewel case is placed onto the work table. The automatic arm then lifts the CD and the booklet and places them accurately into the open case.

The cost and time savings are enormous. Up to 800 CDs can be packed per hour, a fraction of the time taken to pack jewel cases hand.

Features: Product specifications:
Packs jewel cases quickly
Pack up to 800 cases per hour
Inserts discs and booklets/inserts
Standard jewel & slim-line case compatible
Table-top unit
Fully Transportable
Time saving system
Media Compatibility: Standard jewel cases & slim-line cases
Disc Capacity:
Insert Capacity:
Up to 800 per hour
Operational Voltage:
110/220 VAC 50/60Hz (self adjusting)
Dimensions (WxHxD):
13.8 x 10.6 x 15 (350mm x 270mm x 380mm)
22.5lbs (10.2kg)
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Warranty:  One year parts and labor, optional extended warranty available
Price:  $ call toll free 1-866-357-4321

DVD10 DVD Amaray Case Packaging System

Insert help for DVD-Amary Boxes
The ADR DVD Packer has been developed to ease the packaging of DVD's in Amaray cases. Finally the time concuming insertion of DVD's/Covers/Booklets has a solution.
The operator just opens the DVD case, slides it onto the provided rack and then puts in the cover, booklet and the blank DVD.
That way the insert booklet won't be bent or folded, and the DVD cover keeps its shiny new look. The Hopper for the booklets and the DVD is located directly behind the DVD-Case, which simplifies handling.
The ADR DVD-Packer saves you 50% of your time compared to manual packaging of your DVD-Amaray-Boxes. 250 to 300 per hour cases can easily be packed. 

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