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 Government Approved Degaussers / Erasers
NSA, CESG , DOD and NATO certified degaussers and erasers.


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Need a degausser with NSA, DOD or NATO certification?

Our line of Government Certified Degaussers provides you with the maximum security response needed. We offer solutions to fit any budget: from the most highly-rated NSA-approved degausser on the market (SDD Master) to a table-top NATO degausser.

Browse our portfolio of government approved degaussing equipment below :

NSA, CESG, NATO, government approved

SDD Master - NSA Approved Degausser
The SDD-Master is a high energy pulse degausser approved by the NSA, it is a hard drive eraser designed to offer complete secure erasure and destruction of data on magnetic media, to the highest level, including perpendicular recording hard drives. The SDD-Master is also capable of erasing data storage media including LTO, 8mm, DDS and more.

SDD Master, NSA approved degausser

SV91 DLT/LTO - CESG Approved Degausser
If you need to securely erase a range of magnetic media including high density metal tapes and data cassettes and then the SV91 DLT/LTO CESG approved security degausser is the choice of organizations around the world to comply with their Data Destruction policies. The SV91 DLT/LTO security degausser is quick, taking as little as ten seconds to completely degauss a cassette.

SV91M CESG approved degausser

SV90 - CESG Approved Degausser
The SV90 Security Degausser is able to perform automatic erasure of high-density magnetic media achieved by applying a highly focused magnetic field created by VS Security Product's exclusive multi-axis, 'pole tip' design. The tapes or cassettes are placed in the drawer compartment and rotated within the powerful 7000 Gauss field ensuring uniform and complete erasure. The SV90 can degauss a wide range of media.

SV90 CESG approved degausser

SV5000 - CESG Approved Degausser
For the volume erasing of high-density metal tapes and cassettes the SV5000 performance will satisfy your requirements. Automatically controlled by an electronic eye the reels, disks OR cassettes are placed on the wide conveyor belt where they are automatically passed through the 4000 Gauss field. Up to five five hundred VHS cassettes can be erased per hour.

SV5000 CESG approved degausser

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